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Our Mission

Waypoint Wealth Management exists to strengthen individuals, families, businesses, and communities through a comprehensive, client-centered approach to financial planning that allows those we work with to live with freedom, passion, and purpose.

-Zach, Rob, Carolyn, Megan, Nick, Jordan & Cassie


At Waypoint Wealth Management, we believe that planning is personal. With our main office in Bozeman, MT, and experience working with clients all over the country, we are striving to help build financial stability in our communities using industry leading insurance products and investment solutions. Our extended network of specialists helps provide the thorough financial planning assistance our clients desire. By meeting with one individual, one family, and one business owner at a time, we believe that we can help lift our communities and we can all live our best, purposeful lives. Continue reading to learn how we can help you.

Financial Road Map

Think of financial planning as a road map. We work with you to create a personalized plan that looks at where you are now AND helps you reach your goals.


Every Stage of Your Business

We work with business owners to achieve their goals through every stage of the business with an integrated approach to planning.


Income that Lasts a Lifetime

People are living longer and need to create income that lasts a lifetime. An income annuity can help create guaranteed income in retirement.


Living Benefits of Life Insurance

Most people think of life insurance as protection for the ones they love after they’re gone, but Whole Life Insurance can provide benefits while they’re living as well.


Protecting Your Income

People insure their home, their car, and even their cell phone. But what about their income and lifestyle? This video highlights why it’s so important to protect both, and how individual disability income insurance can help.

Zachary E Schmidt
Financial Advisor

Waypoint Wealth Management

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